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That’s still my goal. Just maintain. Don’t get any bigger, but don’t worry about trying to lose weight. Although I did go all day without sugar today. Well, I’m sure there were minute amounts in the brats I had for lunch, and the Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl I had for breakfast, and more than a finite amount in the buns for the brats. But those aren’t causing my weight problem. That’s the result of the 5-6 Pepsi’s, Moutain Dew’s and iced teas I normally drink every day. Actually, when you add up the pop at work, and the tea at home, it’s probably more like the equivalent of 8-10 cans of pop. But today it has been nothing but bottled water.

So that’s not bad.

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  1. Gordon says:

    Just make sure you also have proteins, carbs and fats in every meal. Your diet also plays a big part in your ability to maintain muscle and keep fat away. People always just focus on exercising yet many people over train and go backwards.

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